Repackaging innovation

LaPreva, the Swiss specialist for shower-toilets, raised the bar with its Model P1, delivering new levels of functionality, comfort, ease of use and design.

But creating LaPreva P2 came with an additional requirement: How can the intricate technical elements be integrated within an even simpler, more compact design – while keeping them accessible for cleaning and maintenance?

Noventa gladly accepted the challenge. The result is a shower-toilet that does not immediately reveal how innovative it actually is. All functions were integrated within the toilet body, hidden from the eye, but still immediately accessible thanks to the patented mounting plate.

Design in perfection, uncompromising comfort and hygiene. The specialists at Noventa faced up to this tricky task. And the shower-toilet they created is nothing short of a game-changer.

Quick interview

Daniel Graber, Head of Engineering at Noventa, and project engineer Hans Würgler discuss working on the LaPreva P2 shower-toilet.

What were the original requirements for the LaPreva P2 shower-toilet?

Daniel Graber: The project was all about design. The idea: the entire technology was to be integrated – concealed from view – within the toilet bowl itself. This presented a lot of questions: How should the toilet be attached to the wall? How will the filter be accessed? Where should the descaling agent be added?

Hans Würgler: Unlike other products on the market, everything in the P2 is tucked away. Nevertheless, all the functions still have to work, and everything needs to be accessible as well. We endeavoured to ensure that servicing and repair would be simple.

How did you fulfil these requirements?

Hans Würgler: The key aspect is the patented mounting plate. It means that the shower-toilet is easy to mount and dismantle – an absolute world premiere in this form. There is no other product available that combines a closed design with outstanding hygiene in similarly compact dimensions.

Daniel Graber: We were also determined to build a robust shower-toilet that wouldn’t break or be susceptible to malfunctions. From an engineering perspective, the individual functions initially appear quite simple, but they still need to work properly even in the presence of electricity, water and radio waves.

How was it possible to create this level of innovation with a comparatively small team?

Daniel Graber: The crucial aspect is that all the various disciplines needed are here, in-house. Although this project involved developing the mechanics, the electronics, hardware and software were also important. We coordinated our work continuously and were therefore able to foresee any potential problem in our planning,

Hans Würgler: Development, engineering and assembly worked hand in glove. As I said earlier, the design was at the core of the project, and it has already pocketed a number of prizes. But we also took the opportunity to make the shower-toilet more comfortable – during use and upkeep.

Our project services:

  • Development of the product
  • Development/design of the entire device, including the electronics
  • Design and manufacture of all tools
  • Creation of the assembly line, including all test appliances
  • Performance of laboratory and field tests
  • Global procurement of all purchased parts
  • Series manufacturing of the plastic parts
  • Assembly of the entire device, including 100% final testing
  • Spare parts management
  • Technical life-cycle management
  • End-to-end project management
  • Full product certifications

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